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A Turtle's War (completed)

Chapter 1
"We shall attack at 2 past sunrise!"
"Oh!", the legion with turtle tatoo-ed on their right arm responded flinging their weapons and armours in the air.

2 weeks before, the turtle legion has been training and practicing for this coming war. Blood and sweat trickled down the skin and flesh of each and every soldier's body. Now, the time has come to see who has the right to rule the land BETA1.

"The time has come! Attack my legions! Destroy everything that prevents you from taking this land! Charge!". The legion charged with battle cries that shook the mountains and split the seas towards a huge barricade shielding the armies of CandPD. CandPD prepared tricks and traps to stop Turtle's legion from moving forward but Turtle general outwitted all of them. The blades and arrows of CandPD could not penetrate the thick armor-ed body plates and shields of turtle soldiers. The war ended with victory to the turtles.

Not known by Turtle general, the CandPD general has alarmed their ally, the EngMath army for backup. A turtle scout reported the march of the EngMaths estimated to be 2 past the half day. Unable to rest and celebrate, turtle soldiers freshened up and prepare for the next battle. With EngMath army in sight, the turtles waited for their general to give the command..."CHARGE!!!"

Both sides charged and soon, steel meets steel as both sides clash. Being worn out, the turtle soldiers have barely enough strength to swing the heavy swords and shields, slowing down their movement giving the enemy the upperhand advantage to cut them down. "RAWR!!!" the general despite being tired, crash through waves and waves of enemy soldiers. "Those who join my army, their life will be spared", the enemy general offered, "and those who bring me the head of Turtle general will be promoted to captain and generously awarded". Hearing that, a quarter of the turtle's legion throwed their turtle bandana and turned towards their ex-legion. "Betrayers! RAWR! SLAUGHTER THEM COWARDLY WORMS!". Without any feeling, Turtle general slaughtered the soldiers that once, used to be companions that shared his dreams.
Turtle general and his 10 captains managed to turn the tide by resorting to the TurtleBerserk potion which gives unimaginable amount of strength by making the muscle tissues work 4 times more than usual. The war was won again but with many lost. 3 of the captain died after the effect of the potion subsided due to heavy internal damage.

The legion rests and sets to battle again tomorrow...

Chapter 2
The sun rises on the morning of day 2. After yesterday's battle, no normal warrior should be able to go into another battle but Turtle general and his 7 remaining captains are no normal warriors. Due to countless battles and harsh training since adolescence, their bodies have developed a recovery rate 3 times of a normal warrior.

"Today, I will select my top 4 captains to follow me into battle. The rest remains here with all of the soldiers and rest". After selecting the four captains, all five of them got into their stealth suits. Chattering could be heard from nearby soldiers, one of them telling the other,
"Looks like today, general will be attacking the BElecTec".
"I heard that the BElecTec army only consist of 100 soldiers and 1 general".
"Don't look down on them. 1 of their soldiers is capable of killing a thousand of us within minutes".
And the chattering continues...
The reason Turtle general did not bring all his other soldiers is because the BElecTec army is consist of skillful trained ninja assassin. They move with lightning speed and their pin-point accuracy enables them to kill a person with one hit. Bringing his entire army would mean sending them straight to their graves.

Equipped with no armor at all except for a flexible-camouflage suit, the five set of to their destination, The Woods of Deception, home to the BElecTecs. Five of them have been wearing very heavy plated armors, especially the Turtle general that their movements now could not be detected with a naked eye of a peasant. Arriving at the entrance of the forest, Turtle general reminded them to be careful and watch out for each other. The ninjas are known to use illusions that deceives their enemies and kill them without them noticing.

As expected, just by entering the forest they five of them have been followed. Their destination, the middle of the forest where the general is. As the five of them journey through the forest, waves of traps and ninjas tried to bring them down but failed. The forest grew thicker and thicker till it is covered in darkness.
"We have arrive", Turtle whispered.
Five of them stood there when a voice echoed,
"What brings you here?"
"I am Turtle general and my wish conquer this land. I need to know whether you are an ally of foe"
"We have pledge our loyalty to the ruler of BETA1 and therefore cannot allow you to overthrow the One"
"I guess there is no other choice for us but to kill or be killed"
Sounds of swords being drawn from their shield echo-ed through the forest. A drop of sweat trickled down the Turtle's forehead and upon leaving his chin, the five versus the whole BElecTec began. After countless exchanges of slashes between the two sides, Turtle general finally clashed with the general of the BElecTec army. When the drop of sweat reached the ground, the battle ended. After assuring that the five of them were still alive Turtle general checked went to search for the body of the general which he felt he slashed. The body was gone, not only the general's but all the bodies were gone. The five of them left the forest and back to the army.

Glad that they were back in one piece, the entire turtle army rejoice and cheered for them. After tending to their cuts and bruises, the five were left to rest.

Chapter 3
That night, Turtle general summoned his most trustworthy strategist to his tent. The reason is to study the defence of the next enemy, PrinceTherm. The last encounter with PrinceTherm did not end well for the turtle's side. PrinceTherm had a secret defence that gave him tremendous advantage for those who meet him for the first time. It was a huge loss then but Prince's greatest defence is also his greatest weakness. Proud of his one of a kind defence, he relies greatly on that defence. All Turtle needs to do is overcome that defence. The only problem is how?

After hours under the moonlight studying, they came out with a way. Whether it works or not? He will soon find out tomorrow.

PrinceTherm defence tactic is that his castle has some sort of mechanism that allow outsiders only 2 hours within the castle territory. After that, they will be teleported outside the castle to several spots where he had prepared his soldiers to surround and kill them. Turtle's strategist has figured out a way to detect the spot where the "outsiders" will be teleported.

Early the next morning, Turtle general went through the plan with all of his legion members. Then they set of to the Time Castle where PrinceTherm is. Before entering the castle's parameter, Turtle general commnaded his legion to a halt. He took a deep breath and look at the sky.
"Today is a good day to die!"
With that, turtle legion charged towards the castle. The castle is on top of a mountain and PrinceTherm is at the very top of it. There is no way up directly up the mountain, only a winding road with vertical cliffs on one side and a vertical edge on the other side. These features lengthened the time needed for one to reach the peak.


Fortunately for the turtles, their shields are capable of deflecting the arrows but the effects of the raining arrows slowed them down, just as PrinceTherm wishes. Outside the castle, little movements and sounds of branches snapping could be heard. Removing their camouflage, a group of 20 turtle armored soldiers emerge. Leading them, was the strategist and 2 captains.
"Here is the first spot", the strategist pointing to a group of about 100 foot soldiers was gathered and concentrating on a spot.
Moving very swiftly, the group of turtles dismembered the group.
"Quickly, lets move on to the next".

One hour has passed, and the turtle legion has reached half-way of the mountain. From a far, it looks like a army of green ants swarming an army of white ants' hive.
"Move! We cannot make it in time with this pace!", Turtle general doubled his pace.

Outside, spot by spot and group by group were cleared by the 20 turtles.

With ten minutes left, Turtle general is a circle away from the peak.
PrinceTherm had a smirk on his face, in his mind,"He will never make it. There is still the castle guards to overcome before he can reach me".
Turtle general looked up and realised that the cliff this time was very much lower compared to the cliffs before. Looking behind, his comrades were lagging way behind. He summoned all his energy for this jump and BAM! he soared upwards and manage to grab the edge with both his hands. With ease, he pulled himself up. In front of him, there was a large building covered in white.
"He must be in there"

Adrenaline pumping through his blood veins, he crashed through the front door of the building knocking back the castle guards blocking the door. He made his way up to the second floor of the house slashing and smashing everything in his way. At the top, he saw PrinceTherm standing 15 feet away from him.
"Hey, we can discuss about this. There is no need for any of us to spill blood"
Knowing the kind of backstabber PrinceTherm was, Turtle replied,"There is nothing seperating us now."
Turtle general sprinted forward with the final blow but inches before his blade could do damage on PrinceTherm, he disappeared into thin air.
Outside the castle grounds, Turtle general appeared infront of his 20 men.
His time was up and he was teleported outside the castle before he could kill PrinceTherm.
Gathering his legion members, he left the bloody and damaged castle.
"He won't be a threat to us anymore..."

Chapter 4
Make this short and simple...hahaha
Attack the main castle.
To get there needs one's skills that involve balance and eqilibrium.
Go across a large square platform that is balanced on the end of a rock. Due to this, a small group of Turtle's army were left behind to balance the others.
Next, a human structure is needed to reach the exit on top of a cliff in a chamber. This time more than half got left behind.
Reaching the front of the castle, the floor tiles are specially made so that it only has friction on one direction. Trying to move in other directions causes a person to slip and fall. At the corners of each tiles there are spikes pointing upwards which means a fall will be fatal.
Going into the castle, suprise to find no guards, no resistance. In fact, it is soulless.
Then a figure came down the whirling stairs. It's footsteps was very light and graceful as if walking on air.
Coming in contact with light, Turtle general was stunned to see an extremely beautiful and lovely lady standing in front of him.
(To make things short...)
Ask for forgiveness and sworn to protect her...LMAO

Lose to the innocence and pureness of a woman...kakaka


Jackson said...

LOL.. feeder general

crono said...

one big awesome imagination for a small turtle

Tete said...

This is inspired by Red Cliff. LMAO

Jackson said...

hell you mean the sex scene

Tete said...

for your info, I havent finished the movie and havent come to the sex scene...

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