Thursday, October 30, 2008


Today I went to Klang to catch a movie with Jack and Ravi. Jack is from Banting while ravi is from Bukit Tinggi 2.

I took a train from Kajang and switch train towards Pelabuhan Klang in order to get to Teluk Gadung. It took me 2 solid hours to get there. Arriving there Ravi is already waiting for me in his blue Kancil. We went to take our lunch at Kedai Makan Ti Ee. The curry mee there was tasty (I didnt like curry mee before because all the curry mee I ate so far is either too oily or diluted). Then we both went to Jusco at Bukit Tinggi to walk and shop!

Ravi recommended a few clothes which looks nice and I ended up buying 2 shirts and two pants, one long and one short. Well, all of it Ravi recommended XD Total came up to RM160.85. The actual price is almost double of that. Luckily there was and there still is a sale going on at Jusco till 4 Nov. I saved about RM130 due to the discount!

While waiting for Jack, we went to an arcade centre and played some games. After Jack arrived we went and bought ticket to watch a movie. We ended up buying two tickets each (Bangkok Dangerous and Eagle Eyes). When we were at the ticket counter buying the tickets, the man behind the counter actually asked for my ID because he wasnt confident that I am above 18 (Bangkok Dangerous is 18PL). He said something like, "I am confident that both of you are above 18 but he, (pointing towards me) I have no confidence. Let me see your ID". I laughed and showed him my ID.

We went and watch the first movie, Bangkok Dangerous. Overall I would say that it is not bad and not that good either. The story line was just above average compared to Hitman.

After the first movie, we went to stroll around again. This time Jack bought 2 shirts for himself quite nice looking also XD

Then comes the second movie, eagle eyes. Many friends gave quite high rating to this one. After watching it, I know why...When the story picks up a little while after the start, I was like WTF! WTF! the whole way till the end of the movie. The story line is great with the main character having no other choice but to follow the instructions of an anonymous which will soon be revealed later in the movie.

About 8, after the movie we went for dinner. I ate prawn mee (with five fresh prawns in it) causing costing only RM3.80. Then there was fried oyster with egg. Fuh...not bad not bad. I think now the best place to find good food to eat at reasonable price is in Klang.

Arrived at the KTM station at 9.20pm and I missed the train by two seconds...if I was two seconds faster I would have been able to get on the train! Nevermind, I took the next train with hope that I can still interchange to the last train going to Seremban when I arrive in KL Sentral. And yes, luckily there is...I reach home safely and still have a little energy left to write this blog. =)

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