Thursday, October 30, 2008

Klang! (the untold story)

After I decided to go to Klang and meet up with Jack and Ravi to catch a movie, I also thought of a certain someone I could call to join us because she is in the area. After setting up a plan for today, just yesterday she told me that her father's friend is going to pick her up and go shopping. In addition, her father's friend also purposely took a day's leave to do so...So I ask her to decide whether she still wanted to join us because I really wanted to meet her. She said it was alright as long as she is back by the evening so that her father's friend can take her out shopping for her things she need before going back to college. Then, there was a little misunderstanding between where her friend is staying (she is staying with her friend). Actually there is two tescos and the one near her friends house is actually quite far from Ravi's place. After some consideration about many things including going to pick her up at about 12pm then coming back to Bukit Tinggi and then sending her back to her place about 5-6pm is quite a rush...And "fun" never existed while there is "rush" around...So, I called it off...still wondering whether I did the right decision or not...

While the movie (Bangkok Dangerous) just started, I received a message from her saying that she is in Bukit Tinggi Jusco...then we sms-ed a bit then just when the movie was about to finish, she had to go to Bukit Raja's Jusco (the place her father's friend initially wanted to bring her). Damn! Now I am wondering whether she purposely came to Bukit Tinggi so that we can meet even just for a bit or...a few thousands of other possibility...

Talk about so close yet so far...or like heaven and earth, where she is a goddess in heaven and I am merely a human on earth trying to meet a goddess...Thinking back, there was so many other things I could do to meet with her at that time...why didnt I! why...stupid little turtle...

Love will keep you up all night - Backstreet Boys

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