Friday, October 31, 2008

Walao...noob meh

I remembered drawing this picture in NS during one session of CB (character building...not the cb you are thinking about) class. Those who were in the same class with me will understand why I darken one side of the people in the background and by guessing, you will be able to know it too. But now it seems like the picture has is supposed to be like this instead...

Why? This noob in the black and white stripes is alrady 50 and still cannot think for himself. Well, some people might argue that he is living in the moment. Whatever happens next, it does not matter...Well, this is what I got to say, "Fuck you for being a 50 years old perverted old fart and receive the punishment you deserve!".
Haha, I cursed...and somebody trying to act hero at the wrong time, here is what I gotta say, "He is 50 years old omg...until when will he learn...let him be...he knows what was coming". But of course I cannot say that to his face...

Both also noob...NOOB!

This is quite obvious...LOL...Argh...deng! Who gives a shit! This is the path I shall remember never to take! Thanks for the lesson! Bloody old fart...

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