Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Am I chinese?

Sweat... today I was supposed to do my assignment but instead I succumb to the temptations of playing basketball and ended up playing from 9 till 11 pm. After that we went to drink fruit juice to replenish body fluid XD

On the way back, when I was about to cross the road, a taxi honked at me and stopped beside me. The taxi driver asked me,"Ni pang wo wen zhi ge ren yi xia ta yao qu na li?" (help me ask this guy where he wants to go in mandarin just in case you dont know what I typed XD) Then before I managed to say anything, he asked again,"ni shi hua ren ma?"(are you chinese?) Zzzzzzz =.=

Yeah I replied then asked the International student (the taxi driver refer to him as an Indonesian XD) where he wants to go and then told the driver. (Lazy to type in mandarin because I dont know the spelling. =P)

Haih...I know I am a half-banana but are you chinese...LMAO

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