Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Why post the question now....

Today during thermodynamics, my lecturer asked the class, "Why you all choose mechanical engineering?".

At first I had the answer assuring myself that I like everything about forces.

The second time he asked adding,"you all really should think carefully cause you all will be graduating as a mechanical engineer and work then retire as one too".

After that, I started to doubt myself...If I am going to be a mechanical engineer, I will definitely face and apply thermo until the end of my career which I am not afraid of except for the fact that I failed my midterm...But the real question that was playing in my mind was,"Do I really want to be an engineer?".

It is nearing my final exam and if I cannot manage to give myself an answer and set my head straight...I think I am going down! Why Mr. Hung?! Why?! Why now?!


Jackson said...

why do you wanna be an engineer??!!
for me its easy!
good pay with good reputation and good future!
and i like physics! (not thermo though XD)

Tete said...

Nice answer...
But if I ever found out something I really love to do, I hope that it is still possible to change direction...

ping said...

I have one of this moments sometimes. When the future seemed so bleak because you're not sure whether you're doing the right thing.
My mom always tell me to get a professional degree first, endure the 4years of university, and get that damn degree. And then, when you come out, you can apply for whatever job you want to. So you graduate as an engineer, does that mean you can't be a journalist? Or a pianist? Of course you can. But if you did not succeed in the field you chose, you still can opt to be an engineer.
Just sharing what my mom told me. Hope it clears your mind a bit.

Tete said...

Thanks for the assurance!
Now I feel more secured...phew...

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