Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mooncake festival

My purpose I went back is not because of the mooncake festival actually but for settling my JPA scholarship stuff. I dont like mooncakes anyway (no offense >..<) because it tends to stick here and there in your mouth which I really hate...

Since I am back and I want to spend time with my lil brother, we went to the temple to celebrate the festival. Before going, I thought of making a lantern with a sunquick bottle. I made a candle stand with a wire that goes into the bottle. Unfortunately, the candle couldnt last very long due to the lack of air flow...Tried to make (break actually) a hole in the bottom of the bottle and ended up breaking the whole bottle

That night at the temple, my brother, both my small cousins and I participated in a lantern making contest. The materials used were recycled items. Having not enough time to finish, the lantern looks like literally like junk put together with tape. Haha! Nevermind, at least we had fun. I didnt bring back my camera if not you will be able to see the super cute face of my cousin XD

Then there were performances by the kids from the temple. Wow they really can sing XD

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