Friday, September 5, 2008

Shitty morning...

Damn damn damn!

Stupid tedious "Pay Bils online"...
Wanted to pay my tuition fees this morning and after waiting about half an hour at the ATM machine to get my e-pin yesterday...I found out I have to get my TAC-Transaction Authorization Code which I will need to register my phone number again at the ATM machine so that they can send me the code (why the phone number when registering online then...).

Whatever...went to register my number at the ATM machine (queue for bout 10 mins). Then requested my TAC number which didnt arrive. Waited and waited then I panicked...what if I key-ed in my phone number wrongly...SHIT! Went to confirm my number at the ATM machine again.

Had an argument with my mom on the phone on me being so stupid I didnt ask the person in the bank about my problem etc etc (basically got some lecturing which leaves me in a very bad mood now...DAMN!)

While arguing, the sms for the TAC code all came at once, there was 8 sms (din realise until I finished getting lectures from my mom...DAMN AGAIN!)

Went to the website again to finally pay my tuition fees so that I wont get barred...Entered the particulars and my TAC number is incorrect...after 3 times, they blocked me...Then a sms arrived giving me another TAC number...Okay...What I manage to reason out was that the first time, I already registered my phone number correctly...just that the sms didnt come (it came later after I registered my phone number the second time). Then the second time I registered my phone number...they changed my TAC number...(the sms after I was blocked)...DAMN 3 more times!!!

Have to call them up and after telling the bank people my problem...they reset the TAC stuff and asked me to request it again after 12 noon...40 mins from now...Hopefully, then I would be able to pay my tuition fees.

You must be thinking, "serve you right for paying your tuition fees at the last minute". Well, if it is not because of the freaking JPA scholarship offer letter that havent arrive (I just need to show my U the letter and dont need to worry about my tuition fees)...I would have paid by now and all this ridiculous events wouldnt have happened. So, I thought I should give a call to JPA just to give them a piece of my mind and also channel my anger. Toot toot...nobody pick up...whoever is on the other side is one lucky and lazy bugger...

In the end, it was all my mistake for not anticipating all these...what my mom said was right eventhough it adds to my irritation...trying to suck it all in and contain my anger and frustration to myself so that I wont release it at the wrong people...Breathe in....Breathe out....

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