Monday, September 29, 2008

Crying silently

I am just too damn possessive!
Why can I never let go!
Why am I so attached!
I cant forget!
I cant move on!
By looking back I might think that I have manage to pass through this darkness but when I look forward...I am still walking the same path...

Have been looking in the mirror lately...I dont like what I see and I bet the one looking back doesnt like what he sees too. I keep telling people to love themselves so that others could love them but instead I myself cant do it...What a let down...

I promised myself to not feel pathetic for myself anymore...I have broken my own promise...


Jackson said...

so sad?

kangyoon - kaito said...

first time i was here
on top of the blog i saw sumthing than make me feels like this blog gonna hv a lot of pictures
but..where are them? i dun see any!


Tete said...

"Was" sad...
Dunno how to deal with it so buried it somewhere...hopefully it doesnt arise again.

Aiks...No time to take photoes XD
Maybe the next post...or the next next...or next next next! =P

Someone once told me...

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Try to smile no matter what, cause you never know when your smile could lighten up someone's day as well as it will lighten up mine.

There are two types of leader, "THE EFFECTIVE - result based without considering the procedure" and "THE EFFICIENT - procedure based without considering the results"

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