Sunday, September 7, 2008


Last night, or should I say last night till this morning was just CRAZY!!!

This is not related but on the way to dinner there was a dead lizard aka biawak which was about 3 feet long crushed dead on the street. The insides were like spilling out...Eww~~

After dinner, my friends and I went back to our respective homes. I started doing my notes on this chapter Fourier Series which I totally have no idea what is it about. About 10 o'clock, I called this girl I had a crush on during secondary school. She is going to travel to India to study medicine and I have promised her that afternoon that I will call her. So, I called and she picked up right away! Must have been waiting for my call XD

At first I felt quite awkward because it has been a long time since I last called her on a phone (eventhough last week we just went out together to have breakfast). After awhile the awkwardness disappear and we chatted till my phone ran out of credit (which was the usual case everytime I call her last time). Then she called me back and we chatted somemore till 11 o'clock when her mother stopped her to ask her to go take a bath. She is going of to India on the 14th of Sept. I promised her I will call her again before she leaves. It is still a mystery to me why are we not a couple till now...Maybe I didnt make a move or maybe neither of us wanted to risk destroying this friendship.

After that, I continued with my notes until 12 something when my housemate shouted, "DOTA lo!!!" LoL. There were five of us versus 5 AIs. Lost two games and won 1 game (In between the second game, three more of my friends came back from playing snooker). I looked at the clock on my phone...Holy crap! 4:30 am =.= Then we did a bit of wrestling before I went to sleep while they continued Dota-ing.

At about 6 am, they woke me up cautiously (I am known to be very grumpy when disturbed during sleep XP). I woke up and all the eight of us went for dim sum. We ate then sat there to chat. Everybody was high including me, I dont know whether it is because all of us are sleepy or because this is something we usually dont do but whatever man...All of us are happy. About 7 something we went back to my housemates and my apartment (the other 4 are living elsewhere). While some of us went to bed, the rest continued for one more game of Dota! We ended up sleeping at 9 o'clock in the morning.

I know this is crazy but I am glad I did it because it gives me a fresher feeling instead of just wake up study play, eat, play game and then sleeping at 12...YEAH!

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