Monday, September 29, 2008

Heroes and smallville are back!

Heroes is back with its season three!
From season 2,
With Adam (the person that cannot die) stuck inside of a coffin beneath the surface and the virus destroyed, the world seem to be a safe place again but now that Syler (the person who has the ability to figure out the other heroes power by killing them and looking at their brain) got his power back, our heroes is in danger once again.
Now, the battle of the different generation of heroes begin with the new wanting to reveal themselves and share their abilities with the world but the old still wanting to keep their powers to themselves. Still downloading episode 1 and 2, so I havent watch anything yet...Cant wait!

Smallville season 8!
From season 7,
With brainiac now destroyed and Kara (Clark's cousin) locked away in the phantom zone by brainiac, Clark faces a new problem, Lex Luthor!
Lex found out that Clark is "Superman" and he also found a device said to be able to control the traveler aka "Superman". In the season 7 finale, he inserted the device into the main control of the lair and the episode ended that way...
So, in season 8, will Clark end up as Lex's puppet or will the device fail to function?
Still downloading the first two episode...

Its been so long since the last season that I need to watch the season finale to be able to recall back the story...Now I am also waiting for Kyle XY to start its season 3 and Chuck to start season 2. Then, I will have many TV series to occupy myself with and slow down on my "assignment" <--- DoTA.

Eh, almost forgot...FINAL EXAM!!!

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